Welcome to Cape Town – (Not for tourists.)


Welcome to the culture.

We live in the most beautiful city in the world, a mesmerizing cocoon of wonder. We know this, and we don’t hold back in reminding the rest of the world about this whenever we can.

Join me on my quest to find out what makes Cape Town tick, and what makes Cape Town clique. There is a common perception that Cape Townies are a cliquey, self-satisfied bunch of people. I have lived here for 22 years and yes, there is an element of truth in that, but I hope to convince you that the reasons why may not be as defined as we think.

I’ll take you deeper, beneath the culture, under the radar on a voyage into the lungs of this city, the arteries of the people.

I’m gonna break the pieces apart and put them back together again. It’s a party and you’re all invited. Knock me off my “soap box” if I get a little preachy. Tune me, wys me. I’ll piss a few people off. Brasse might be coming to slit my tyres. I’ll step on a few toes, but that’s OK. I’m tight with the 26.

I’ll challenge your perceptions on blacks, coloureds and whites. I’m a white boy. But deep down I’m a mixed breed, a pavement special.

We don’t live in a bubble; the Internet changed all that. We’re in a global village now. Our culture is influenced by the “outside” world just laaik the rest of them. We’ve borrowed elements of global fashion and pop culture and made them our own, BUT: And this is a big but: We are THE most creative group of people in the world, and WE should be defining our own pop culture. I believe we are, but right now it’s bubbling beneath the surface.

There are enough (fantastic) blogs that focus on “hipster” culture, street fashion, the party scene and art. I’d like to expose the rest of it.

Ultimately I want to create a platform to promote the edgier side of Cape Town, because we’re not all about hipsters and hippies. We’re not a stereotype. There’s an underbelly that deserves attention too. Lets celebrate all of it.


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