Isaac Mutant – The real underground.

Isaac Mutant (The guy on the left). – Photo by Paul ward

I came across this cat by the name of Isaac Mutant. He was and still is a major influence on Die Antwoord.

He was interviewed on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011 by Rob Cokcroft. This is a portion of what he had to say:

“Hahaha jurre that’s the question that everyone wanna fucken know. Me and Die Antwoord are brasse. My take on them blowing up and making money: Look they fucken deserve it. I big up people that make money, that’s number one, you know. I’ve been that angry MC like, “Ja hulle maak geld. Hoe kan ons nie geld maakie?” Look man, I grew up since then. I’ve slept at Ninja’s house, I saw how he fokken works. That bra wakes up at 4 in the morning and that naai works his poes pap. Even Jack Parow, that guy’s obsessed with working my bru. Ninja’s been in the game since god knows when and personally I think he deserves this break.”  – Isaac Mutant

Isaac, from under the culture…into the spotlight. Coming soon…


1 thought on “Isaac Mutant – The real underground.

  1. Die Antwoord = Gimmicks. Fuck that fake shit
    Isaac Mutant – Underground hip hop (not that commercial BS) Since 1988 …fok julle naaiers

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