Die brasse.

AFRIKAAPS: The Kaapse/Cape Town dialect of Afrikaans.

“Kom Khoi San kry terug jou land, coloreds kom from Khoi San verstand.”

Afrikaaps is a documentary film about the theatre production of Afrikaaps that set out to tell the truth behind the origin of Afrikaans, and succeeded.

See the trailer here: http://youtu.be/DYifENqE3hU

For all of us who live in Cape Town, I feel it’s imperative that we all see this film. It will help us appreciate the richness of our culture and add a new level of understanding in our everyday interactions.

Sien tsjy, black men and women in South Africa have been given every opportunity to find catharsis – to heal from the struggle. But Coloreds have been forgotten, their culture is stereotyped as gangster, their language is sidelined.

“In modern South Africa Afrikaans is generally seen as a European language, however there is a side to this language, a Creole birth of Afrikaans that has been suppressed and overlooked for centuries.”       – Dylan Valley

When a colored goes for a job interview, he/she has to watch their tongue. If they speak in Kaapse Afrikaans they are burned at the stake. They are crucified. They are stereotyped as a gangster. They are made to feel inferior. So they change their accent when they go in to impress the white man.

The brown man” carries the brunt of the struggle in this country. They are not given the recognition they deserve. They needn’t hold that shame anymore.

In Cape Town we do not honour the pain that coloreds have had to endure so us white people can move up the food chain. Coloreds are the workhorses; they keep the cogs of Cape Town turning.

They weren’t given an opportunity to heal until Dylan Valley and his crew decided to tell their story.

Afrikaaps did something that defies gravity; they did something so utterly ballsy – they took Afrikaaps, the ensemble that represented everything that the traditional stuck-up Afrikaners always frowned apon, to the Grahamstown Festival. They blew the lid right off.

Get yourselves a copy of the DVD.

For more info visit their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/afrikaaps 

“I would make excuses when I spoke Afrikaans. I’d say: Listen, excuse me, my Afrikaans is a little messed up. But now I make no excuses. This is how I speak. Take it or leave it.” – Emile Jansen


Directed and filmed by Dylan Valley.


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