When we go to trance parties we turn into big cuddly Care Bears.

Trance // Dream // Casting a Spell // Spiritual Consciousness // Crossing Over

It’s impossible to talk about Cape Town culture without getting our teeth into the outdoor trance scene. It has exploded over the past few years; it’s morphed into an unstoppable force that attracts party-goers from around the globe.

The trance movement is universal, but the Cape Town trance culture has spread faster than a fynbos fire in a southeaster. Psychedelic trance was born on the beaches of Goa, India in the early 1990s. The first reported outdoor Trance party in South Africa was a small gathering of traveling friends with a ghetto blaster celebrating a birthday on Sandy Bay beach. The year was 1994 & trance had arrived in Cape Town, South Africa.

We’re blessed with unbelievable scenery and the venues get better and better every year.  But, we’re not here to talk about how sick trance parties are. We’re here to find out a little about what trance is doing for our society as a whole. We’re here to find out how the whole thing actually works. We’re here to find out what’s under the culture.

Lets keep it narrow, for now – lets begin with why we go to trance parties.

We go to forget. We go to escape. We go to connect with other humans. We go to connect with ourselves. We go to experience unity. We go to get fucked – to experience another realm of consciousness. We go because we’re human and because trance parties offer us a sense of connectedness that is currently unavailable in mainstream society. We stomp. We dance. We get ripped along for the ride.

Yes, we’re human, yet we live in a system that is segregated and a system where the majority of us have to work a 9-5. We spend all day showered in fluorescent lighting, hypnotized by flickering computer screens, incessant emails, mundane office politics, traffic jams and commercial radio stations.

This is not natural. We are human. We have deep need to connect on a level without expectations or ulterior motives. We can be in a room full of people and with a pocket full of devices yet we can still feel semi-alone.

Outdoor trance parties have given us a damn fine excuse to get into a car packed with all our mates and head over the hills to find this connection. While we stomp we find the union between the earth and the stars, between the beat and our bodies, between our toes and our earlobes, between you and me. Between us and them. We all get filthy together, we bring up and sun and we unlock the doors of our boundless minds, reflecting each other back and forth in a kaleidoscope of potential.

Trance, by definition means crossing over // Crossing over to the “other side”// Crossing over to the place where we are all one // Crossing over to where we can fool around like kids together in pools of mud and make sweaty love on the dance floor // Crossing over to the side of ourselves that has been forgotten // Crossing over to the cosmic gate of interwoven skin, weaving symbiotic melodies while bursting through the portals of make-believe.

There are many different faces of trance. It’s not all about euphoric recall. It’s not all spaceships and jelly tots. There’s a dark side too. Trance is also about plunging into the dark and coming out the other side, or not. Some may say that it’s become overly commercialized – the old skool trance koppe will back me up here, but the trance scene is paving the way for a new generation.

We’ll be exploring more in the coming months; We’ll be going deeper. It’s winter now, and the volcano is brewing silently in the background. We’ll keep our fingers on beat, and I’ll keep you well lubed up with sights set on a brand new season that kicks off in September.

Aweh, and tjeck this out: A sweet lil’ video to get some of the old juices flowing…

  “Music is so naturally united with us that we cannot be free from it even if we so desired”       ///      (Boethius, cited by Storr).



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