Pedro’s Bitchin Eyewear

Pedro – the man himself.

Let’s admit it – Capetonians are a bunch of tjankie balies / pussies / yellow-bellied mammas boys / candy-asses / purple and paisley polka dotted pansy-pruners / driving miss dandelions /  minging milky marshmellow muppets when it comes to winter.

We bitch, we moan. But alas, summer is so close that we can virtually taste it. The mighty sun made a guest appearance today and this deserves to be celebrated with nothing less than a pair of sunnies from Pedro’s Bitchin Eyewear.

Pedro’s outdoor boutique is located on Church Street, opposite Cafe Mozart.               You’ll spot him Monday – Friday (10:00am – 04:00pm). The price is right.

>>  Check out his Facebook page for more details  <<

Pedro hunts down his killer styles straight from the UK. He specializes in one-of-a-kind vintage, futuristic and even functional designs. He’s a stand-up guy and his eye-wear will make you stand out from all the other bitches.

The new Persol frames – on sale from today. Tinted or non-tinted. You decide.

Another satisfied customer.


New skool cool by the pool.


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