104 Harrington Street

Summer is near. Chances are you’ve got that winter wobble clinging to your gut. Incinerate it. Obliterate the situation. Wake up from the slumber party. Detonate the donuts. And while you’re at it – annihilate everything you ever thought you knew about you, your body, and your so-called physical limitations.

No human being on this planet is in better physical shape than a boxer at his peak. No one. So whether you’re looking for a summer six-pack or life-long body forged from steel then boxing is your ticket.

We as a modern species have been exposed to far too much shiny gym equipment; an overkill of ergonomic feng shui; artificial ambience tainted with aluminium trimmings; an overindulgence of pepped-up personal trainers; an overload of fucking gizmos and a gauntlet of goddamn gimmicks; and way, way too many posers.

East City Boxing is the polar opposite of pretentiousness. It’s dark. It’s dingy. It’s a taunting pit of sweat and adrenaline. Gangster hip-hop is blasted through the system while testosterone is injected like mustard gas through the atmosphere. At any given moment you’ll walk in on some of Cape Town’s best fighters battling it out in the ring. You’ll shadow box next to clones of Floyd Mayweather; you’ll limber up with the sound of fighters pushing through the sound barrier.

 There is no better environment to psych you into getting into shape than an old school, no frills boxing gym. There is no better motivator than knowing that one of these days you’ll be stepping into that ring. You will however have to break through a multitude of barriers before you’re even close to fighting-fit. After three minutes of heavy bag training your body is pumped with enough lactic acid to fly a hot air balloon. After 9 minutes of sparring you begin to feel your world wobble around you. You’ll hit a point where your mind and body refuse to carry on. It is at this precise moment that you decide to push through. When you do your entire body is flooded with angel dust and your entire being crosses over into a brand new territory. You’ve officially broken through to the other side.

We have to tolerate heaps of shit in our day-to-day lives. So, when I started boxing I thought it would double as a space for me to pound out my frustration. Stress release is intrinsic to boxing, however while you’re training, you’ll escape all the mental garbage, you’ll be forced to focus on the fight at hand. Boxing is a beautiful science; a collaboration between mind, body and soul.

You’ll walk out of there feeling like a demi-god. You’ll be able to defend yourself against any tsotsi. You’ll start looking like Brad Pitt out of Fight Club, and ladies: you’ll be whipping monumental ass on a multitude of different levels. Not everyone at East City is there to become the welterweight champion of the world. To some it’s all giggles and goose bumps – aint nothin’ wrong with that.

 Get your fine ass down here.

 We are located at 104 Harrington Street, Cape Town.

 For more details you can email Lisette at: info@eastcityboxing.co.za

 Or give us a buzz: 
+27 (0) 21 461 5957



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