Get your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on.

Cape Town used to be known as “Little Amsterdam” – this has fokol to do with our fine selection of zol, but rather because of the low-leveled channels, ditches and sluices that ran through Cape Town back in the day.

These canals and rivers became an unofficial waste disposal system – which was covered up sometime during the late 19th century. Still in existence today though, are tunnels – COWABUNGA!! They are totally bodacious and tubular and are like two meters in diameter. They’re located under the busy streets of the CBD and now help with storm water drainage and channel fresh run-off water from Table Mountain into the sea.

So put down the pizza and go sharpen your swords, retrieve your daggers, find a pole or better yet: get yourself a proper set of nunchucks and go kick Shredders butt, once and for all. Shredder is hiding in there somewhere with the rest of The Foot Clan. Turtle Power!

Besides discovering all the secret chambers and kicking Shredders butt, you’ll also know where to go when the police are after you.

Good Hope Adventures is giving you a chance to navigate the underground tunnels of Cape Town on Monday 24 September 2012.

 The trail starts and ends at The Castle. Secure parking is available.Spaces are limited to 24 spots per adventure, so book early to secure your spot. Tickets are R225p/p and R175p/p for children under 18.

Contact Matt on +27 (0) 82 482 4006, or email to book.  

 Unfortunately, no pizza will be served.


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