Win 1 set of double tickets to Balkanology: The Masked Vampyre Ball on 7 September 2012 for the Cape Town event (at the Old Biscuit Mill).


1: Drop a comment in the comments section in Under the Culture and let us know: What would you do if vampires took over the world? (140 characters or less)


2: Tweet @makingnoisylove what you would do if vampires took over the world and #Balkanolgy #Undertheculture.

 The best comment or tweet wins ONE set of double tickets to Balkanology: ‘The Masked Vampyre Ball’ in Cape Town at The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock on Friday 7 September 2012.

This competition is open to Capetonians only. 


Noze (France)

Vlad & the mini Imp’alers Orchestra (Transylvania)

Bram Stoker, Live readings from his classic novel -JHB only-

Nomadic Orchestra -CPT only-



After a brutal winter of snow and rain falling from the skies like wooden stakes, the suave undead, aching for a social gathering befitting of their stature, are stirring in their lavish mausoleums. For the news has reached them like the scent of the young, beautiful and mortal: The clans shall congregate once more in a celebration for the Masked Vampyre Ball – 1819!

The master has sent for James to polish his most expensive Twoshoes for when the clock strikes 21:00 the precocious young vampires of the Imp-aler Orchestra under the conductorship of the Esteemed Lord Vlad the VI  shall serenade the ballroom of the undead with symphonies of the great composer, Maoriginal. The non-blood relations that make the duo of Nôze, has also sent a missive confirming their attendance.

In Cloak Towne, the Nomadic Orchestra shall have even the most distinguished guest swinging like a rabid bat from the crystal chandeliers. In the old Transvaalania we have summoned Bram Stoker himself to read from his classic tome.

This event, dear reader, will be a opulent blue-blooded affair. Guests are reminded to make their preparations in due time as to not be caught off-guard, for the revelry shall be such, that daylight might sneak up upon the proceedings and vapourise the ill-equipped!

For the brave amongst us, throw a roll of the dice and partake in the game of chance. Receive a Kiss or get bitten by Santanico Pandemonium, primary Queen Vampyre, rescued by our brave team from the ruins of the Titty Twister.

Hematologists unite, for there will be blood.



  1. Adopt the persona of a hapless, spineless and whiny teenage girl with a constant expression of boredom (pretty much the role of someone who might be considered legally retarded) – Irresistible to vampires.

  2. Let’s see here…ahm…I’d shit on my face everytime they wanted to suck me,but that’s if am not one of them by then…unless ofcourse the reinvention of tv games would help me to grow longer canine teeth!

  3. First off, i’d make sure they’re not fairies masquerading as vampires. Then i’d find their weakness, probably sun? I’d provide them with a cure to sunlight thats only effective for one week and only i could produce it (that way i could have massive power over them and avoid being fanged). Thats an army right there innit?

  4. Make sure they’re real vampires, not fairies. Give em cure to sunlight, thats only active weekly, me being sole producer, survives+authority

  5. I would install a Facebook and Twitteraccount for them…I would introduce them to my world. I would invite them for a Swiss fondue and Raclett. And If I get feed up with them I would serve garlicbread. 🙂

  6. Get myself a young mortal bride, turn her and together we’ll be the most badass vampires ever and will rule over all vamps and mortals. :p.

  7. I would start VampBook, basically a Facebook for vampires. Although getting them profile pictures might be a challenge depending on your preferred vampire mythology of them showing up in photos and mirrors.

    If that didn’t pan out, I’d become an undead vampire dentist because God knows business would be booming.

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