One Must Fly Over the Cuckoos Nest.
















There is nothing more refreshing than being around a crazy person. Better still is spending an entire day around a troop of crazies. (If you work in advertising then you’re exempt from this announcement). However, if your life is starting to resemble 100 shades of grey and you’re in need of a creative boost then this is for you.

Perhaps you’re in a rut and your social circle is bordering on the predictable. Maybe you’re getting that all too familiar sense of déjà vu – where you feel like you’re trapped in-between static and SABC 2. Either way, being a functioning member of society can really take its toll. Fret not for there is one fail-proof method to getting your groove back: Volunteer to escort Valkenberg patients around town on their day out – they’re game for anything.

This is arguably the most liberating volunteer work that is available in Cape Town – it’s far from depressing. In fact, it’s downright rejuvenating.

For more info, contact Friends of Valkenberg. The Friends of Valkenberg Trust is also looking for new volunteers to run activity groups with patients at Valkenberg Hospital in Observatory. Groups are typically held once a week, Monday to Friday during the morning.

Phone them: 021 447 2092 (mornings) or email:


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