This is what they say.


Sure, moving into the heart is what they all say. They say that it is in the heart that the crystal jewel is found. They say that this is the point of union between the upper and lower worlds. They say that it is the truth, and that it will set you free. They say the heart is the centre of the universe and everything emanates from it. They say we must brave and we must follow your heart, and it is the heart that is our only true guide. They say you must connect the wiring from your heart to your brain, and that it’s this that the world needs now. They tell us to open our hearts, and to allow people in. They tell us to expand our hearts so that we include all of humanity. They say we must listen to our hearts, and that it is here that the real music plays. They say that if you reside in your heart, you will learn how to dance in the arena of angels. 

You will.

But what they don’t say is that you will feel every shard of shrapnel. They purposefully emit (so that you find out for yourself) the true meaning of compassion. They leave out the part where our entire reality is flung head first into a liquidiser, and that we’ll be faced with our dark sides, relentlessly, until we love them enough to let them go. They let us discover this for ourselves. They do this because they know that we’ll eventually roll out the other side, and that we’ll know the meaning of life. 

You see, they know that love is all there is. They know that everything else really is just an illusion.

Go deeper.



2013 is a party. AND WE’RE ALL INVITED.


2013 is officially the year of the TRIBE. According to Chinese Mythology it’s the year of the SNAKE, which makes perfect sense – the time we are living requires a highly tuned intuition and a refined energy.

The old world, which consisted of anarchy and destruction, is nearing the end. We are currently in the Age of Co-Creation. This co-creation refers to how we build the world that WE want to live in. We do this by connecting with each other and by knowing what our role is within the new world. It is about how we connect, how we evolve and how we communicate within our TRIBES.

It is also about what we choose to do within our TRIBES, and what roles we take on. But remember, we need to be adaptable as we shift and tune into the world around us. YOU ARE THE MEDIA. WE ARE THE MEDIA.

The REVOLUTION is well under way.


Hello lovely people.

I am officially done with college now, and am officially a qualified copywriter. I’ll be embarking on a relentless voyage into the world of advertising, starting early 2013, where I’ll be learning everything there is to know about the industry itself, so that I can demolish and then create a new framework from the inside out.

I’ve spent the last month getting my portfolio done and this is why I’ve been so distant. But, my subconscious has been hovering and scouring and delving into the evolution of Under the Culture.

In just under a month I’ll be setting off on a journey into East Africa, where I’ll be exploring Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zanzibar so that I can get a fuller understanding of our place on the African continent. I’ll be documenting what I find, and will bring back insights into African culture as a whole.

We live in Cape Town, which can be easily mistaken for a peninsula off the coast of Europe, but, we are African to the core. This is why Under the Culture is expanding its scope to include Africa. We are not an island unto ourselves, in the same respect that we are not byproducts of the media.

God, I’m excited. I cannot wait to start a dialogue with all of you again as we move into the new paradigm.

Thank you Felix. No we can ALL go to space.

Thank you Felix Baumgartner. You made us believe. (And Red Bull – You redefined the meaning of us getting wings. )

In 10 – 20 years time we’ll all be jetting off into space. We’ll be able to cycle to the moon on quantum levitation, anti-gravity supersonic bicycles.

We’ll be having conversations like: “Yo, I’m just gonna pop over to Neptune. Need anything?”

“Yeah man, get me one of those nano-tech ice-creams, you know, the ones that never melt.”

“Sweet man.”

“Fuck. Remember those days when we had paper money and shit?”

“Yeah dude, what a joke.”

“Aweh. Check you tonight. Safe.”

Riding The Metrofail.


One of my highlights of Rocking the Daisies 2012 was definitely seeing Youngsta tearing up live in the Red Bull Electro tent. This is one of his more mellow tracks. It’s about catching the Metrofail. And we all know that Metrofail is the only way to get around Cape Town, so if you gonna ride the vuil line…do it the Youngsta way. Aweh.

BE the media.

I have been known to indulge in frequent TED binges. Tonight was one was one of those nights. Get a load of these…


Aaron Koblin: Artfully visualizing our humanity:

Don Tapscott: Four principles for the open world:

JR: One year of turning the world inside out: