Win 1 set of double tickets to Balkanology: The Masked Vampyre Ball on 7 September 2012 for the Cape Town event (at the Old Biscuit Mill).


1: Drop a comment in the comments section in Under the Culture and let us know: What would you do if vampires took over the world? (140 characters or less)


2: Tweet @makingnoisylove what you would do if vampires took over the world and #Balkanolgy #Undertheculture.

 The best comment or tweet wins ONE set of double tickets to Balkanology: ‘The Masked Vampyre Ball’ in Cape Town at The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock on Friday 7 September 2012.

This competition is open to Capetonians only. 


Noze (France)

Vlad & the mini Imp’alers Orchestra (Transylvania)

Bram Stoker, Live readings from his classic novel -JHB only-

Nomadic Orchestra -CPT only-



After a brutal winter of snow and rain falling from the skies like wooden stakes, the suave undead, aching for a social gathering befitting of their stature, are stirring in their lavish mausoleums. For the news has reached them like the scent of the young, beautiful and mortal: The clans shall congregate once more in a celebration for the Masked Vampyre Ball – 1819!

The master has sent for James to polish his most expensive Twoshoes for when the clock strikes 21:00 the precocious young vampires of the Imp-aler Orchestra under the conductorship of the Esteemed Lord Vlad the VI  shall serenade the ballroom of the undead with symphonies of the great composer, Maoriginal. The non-blood relations that make the duo of Nôze, has also sent a missive confirming their attendance.

In Cloak Towne, the Nomadic Orchestra shall have even the most distinguished guest swinging like a rabid bat from the crystal chandeliers. In the old Transvaalania we have summoned Bram Stoker himself to read from his classic tome.

This event, dear reader, will be a opulent blue-blooded affair. Guests are reminded to make their preparations in due time as to not be caught off-guard, for the revelry shall be such, that daylight might sneak up upon the proceedings and vapourise the ill-equipped!

For the brave amongst us, throw a roll of the dice and partake in the game of chance. Receive a Kiss or get bitten by Santanico Pandemonium, primary Queen Vampyre, rescued by our brave team from the ruins of the Titty Twister.

Hematologists unite, for there will be blood.


/// NOZE ///


NOZE will be performing at BALKANOLOGY: ‘THE MASKED VAMPYRE BALL’ in Cape Town at The Old Biscuit Mill on Friday 7 September 2012.

>> Check out their Myspace page and get a feel of what sort of tunes they’ll be bringing to the party.  <<