2013 is a party. AND WE’RE ALL INVITED.


2013 is officially the year of the TRIBE. According to Chinese Mythology it’s the year of the SNAKE, which makes perfect sense – the time we are living requires a highly tuned intuition and a refined energy.

The old world, which consisted of anarchy and destruction, is nearing the end. We are currently in the Age of Co-Creation. This co-creation refers to how we build the world that WE want to live in. We do this by connecting with each other and by knowing what our role is within the new world. It is about how we connect, how we evolve and how we communicate within our TRIBES.

It is also about what we choose to do within our TRIBES, and what roles we take on. But remember, we need to be adaptable as we shift and tune into the world around us. YOU ARE THE MEDIA. WE ARE THE MEDIA.

The REVOLUTION is well under way.


Riding The Metrofail.


One of my highlights of Rocking the Daisies 2012 was definitely seeing Youngsta tearing up live in the Red Bull Electro tent. This is one of his more mellow tracks. It’s about catching the Metrofail. And we all know that Metrofail is the only way to get around Cape Town, so if you gonna ride the vuil line…do it the Youngsta way. Aweh.

Cape Town Tattoo Culture /// Short film trailer


This is for all my inked friends in Cape Town, and even for those of you (like me) that aren’t inked yet. It’s a trailer for a short film by Mario Mancuso about tattoo culture in Cape Town.

Nice one Mario.

/// NOZE ///


NOZE will be performing at BALKANOLOGY: ‘THE MASKED VAMPYRE BALL’ in Cape Town at The Old Biscuit Mill on Friday 7 September 2012.

>> Check out their Myspace page and get a feel of what sort of tunes they’ll be bringing to the party.  <<